About Us

Best quality marbles from around the world

With more than 20 years of experience, Marblize aims to provide the best quality of natural stones such as travertine and marble extracted from Turkey, to the world. Uniting people with nature through their exquisite product range, Marblize offers new-age solutions to its customers, without sacrificing quality. Working with a sustainable approach, each and every product presented by Marblize features the magic of nature. Offering custom production opportunities to its customers, Marblize is one of the leading natural stone suppliers in Turkey.

Marblize guarantees the continuity of their products, which differentiates them from other companies within the market. Modernizing natural resources with the help of technology,

Marblize moves forward with the idea of acknowledging the fact that nature and humankind are one, they cannot be separated, and therefore they have to be protected and perceived as a whole. Considering the wellbeing of future generations is the most important element for Marblize.

Marblize’s very own marble and travertine quarries offer some of the world’s most stunning minerals. With an endless range of products, Marblize provides building materials to both global and local customers; most importantly introduces the beauty of nature to humankind.

Our quarries

Rosalia Quarry
Affumicato Quarry
Jaguar Afrodit Quarry
Pantera Bianca Quarry